VEPP-2M collider complex

About our new project "VEPP-2000" (KOI8-R)

Our team - Laboratory 11

Electron-positron collider VEPP-2M is the world only e+e- machine in a pre-j-factory era, operating in the energy range 2E from 0.4 to 1.4 GeV, covering the energies of resonance production of lightest quarkonia: r,w,j

Collider complex VEPP-2M consists of

  The maximum luminosity of VEPP-2M depends on its energy in accordance with E²·E²  law, and at the energy of 2E=1000 MeV it is equal to 3·10³°  cm-²sec-¹

The previous longest experimental run at VEPP-2M was performed with a Neutral Detector (ND). The physical results obtained with ND, were based on integrated luminosity of 19 inverse picobarns.

In 1992 experiments with CMD-2 detector started, and in early 1995 a new nonmagnetic Spherical Neutral Detector (SND) began data acquisition as well. Now both CMD-2 and SND detectors, located in opposite straight sections of VEPP-2M, take data in parallel.

  Collider VEPP-2M:

  Synchrobetatron B-3M:


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