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Industrial electron accelerators of ILU type

This is an abstract. The full article is available in PDF format (219KB).

The present work describes industrial electron accelerators of the ILU family. Their main parameters, design, principle of action, electron beam extraction systems, wide set of auxiliary equipment for various technological processes and ways of their development are given.

Main parameters

Since 1970 in The Institute of Nuclear Physics the pulse linear accelerators of ILU type are developed and supplied to the industry. The ILU machines are purposed for wide application in various technological processes and designed for continuous and round-the-clock work in industrial conditions.

The pulse nature of the generated electron beam (their main difference from the widely used high voltage accelerators generating continuous electron beam) permits to adapt ILU machines easily to technological processes requiring formation of an irradiation zone with a complex configuration.

The most bright example of such process is the irradiation of polymer insulation of cables and thermoshrinkable tubes. In this case the usage of 4-sided irradiation permits sharply to raise the productive rate of process, to improve quality of production and to expand the nomenclature of treated products without increase of electron energy.

The ILU machines designed and produced in the Institute cover the energy range from 0.7MeV to 4.0MeV, and the maximum beam power is 50kW. Main parameters of the machines are given below:

ModelElectron energy range, MeVElectron beam power (max), kWAverage beam current (max), mAProductivity(10Mrad), kg/hConsumption (3-380V), kWAccelerator weight, tLocal shielding