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Low dose Digital Radioraphic Device "Siberia"

Fluorograph "FMC-NP-O" is a modification of LDRD "Siberia"

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Low dose Digital Radiographic Device (LDRD) "Siberia" is intended for a wide range of radiological investigations such as research of chest, skeletal system study (including spine), diagnostics in pediatrics and obstetrics, etc. The most effective application of the installation is for preventive inspections of a chest where operative diagnostics, convenient archiving and low patient doses are necessary.

Operation principle of the device is based on the scanning of a patient (in vertical direction) by a narrow fan-shape X-ray beam. Upon the end of scanning an image is immediately shown on the screen. .

The image obtained has high contrast sensitivity that is provided by the absence of the scattered radiation (in a patient body) and a patient body displacement during the exposition, and also the distortion induced by the detector noise.

A brief review of LDRD "Siberia"

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